Emmanuel Baptist Church

Proclaiming the whole counsel of God

Our History

A New Church is Born

It was in the early hours of the morning of Wednesday, 2nd September 1959 that Ralph and Doris Amm were convinced that the Lord was leading them to pioneer a new Baptist church. Twenty-seven people constituted the then Discovery Baptist church at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Forgey on Friday, 18 September 1959.

But the small stand in Anstruther Street that the church owned soon proved to be too small and somewhat inaccessible. A larger, more visible stand was therefore bought in Florida Park, on the corner of Abbott Street and Ontdekkers Road.

Shortly after the purchase of the new stand in Florida park, a building was erected, with the help of a generous overseas donation. And on 18 May 1968 the church celebrated its official opening, with the name changing from Discovery Baptist Church to Emmanuel Baptist Church.

Over the years, several faithful men have shepherded God’s flock here at Emmanuel Baptist Church.
Currently Gus Pritchard is pastoring the church.